Support Casper

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Cloé Kersten gave rise to her idea of creating a mindful collection of scented candles. 

The lights of over a hundred candles lit by loved ones is what kept her going during a challenging time of recovering.
An act of hope and support, that ignited a wish to share her experiences with others.

A small light had been lit when she met doctor Casper van Eijck, who played a significant role in her recovery.
Someone she describes as a true professional, nononsense, and moreover a passionate person with a higher purpose:
to find better treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Fortunately, luck was on her side when the tumor appeared to be Neuroendocrine and was surgically removed.
In that moment, she decided to shine a light on the incredible work and dedication of Casper van Eijck.

To contribute to his efforts, 15,00 euro of the “Support Casper” candle will be donated to the Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.



Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadliest forms of cancer; no more than 5% of the patients who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are still alive after 5 years. It is also the fastest growing form of cancer. Every day 8 people die from this aggressive disease in the Netherlands. In recent years, hardly any progress has been made in treating this type of cancer.

This need to change. It is possible!
Changes come from people who can make the difference. Innovators who are smart enough to see other solutions, idiosyncratic enough to move away from the beaten track and passionate enough to persevere; even if everyone thinks you are crazy. Such a man is Prof. Casper van Eijck of the Erasmus MC; renowned surgeon and researcher with over 25 years of expertise in pancreatic cancer.

The Support Casper campaign is committed to providing financial support for the much needed research and development of an effective treatment method. Casper and his team are convinced that such research will help to tackle this aggressive disease rigorously. Well-known supporters including coach of the Dutch soccer team Ronald Koeman, former professional soccer players Dirk Kuyt and René van der Gijp, former professional hockey player Ellen Hoog, tv personality Astrid Joosten and many others are right behind Support Casper. May we also count on your support?